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Internationale SAP-Konferenz für Forstprodukte, Papier und Verpackung

Das globale SAP Event für die Mill Industrie

Als SAP Gold Partner freuen wir uns, Sponsor der Internationalen SAP-Konferenz für Forstprodukte, Papier und Verpackung 2021 zu sein. Diese Konferenz ist die größte Veranstaltung der Papier- und Verpackungsindustrie und weltweit die einzige kundenorientierte Veranstaltung ihrer Art. Gemeinsam mit SAP, Partnern und internationalen Branchenexperten präsentierten wir unsere neuesten SAP-basierten Lösungen.

Weitere Informationen und die Aufnahmen der Vorträge finden Sie bei Bedarf auf der Website von TA Cook.


Highlights der Konferenz 2021



The past year has thrown producers in the mill industry for a loop. At the International SAP Conferences for Forest Products, Paper and Packaging T.CON and others present best practices for the new normal...


Kundenvortrag – Perlen Packaging AG

Operational excellence at Perlen Packaging: Meeting agile business requirements and optimizing mill processes with data-driven integration

How Perlen Packaging managed to establish itself as a leading supplier in its field worldwide, despite facing versatile industry challenges


  • Philipp Morgenthaler, COO, Perlen Packaging AG
  • Thomas Blöchl, COO, T.CON GmbH & Co. KG
  • Hans-Peter Aregger, CIO Chemie Papier Holding AG

Pharmaceutical packaging companies worldwide are confronted with many different enterprise-wide challenges, such as particularly tough production requirements. Given these difficult conditions, how has Perlen Packaging been able to establish itself internationally as a leading supplier in the field of film manufacturing and film coating? Find out firsthand! Perlen Packaging's CIO Hans-Peter Aregger, COO Philipp Morgenthaler and Head of IT René Kuhn will demonstrate that the answer is simpler than you might expect.

Perlen Packaging was able to gain a competitive edge by innovating from the core and understanding that reliability is based on an integrated IT architecture. Following this course consistently, they have constructed a solid and scalable IT foundation, based on business requirements. By proactively embracing new technologies, from a scalable SAP-based MES all the way to cloud resources and machine learning, all of Perlen Packaging's processes, products and global sites are geared towards the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2005, Perlen Packaging relies on T.CON's key solutions acting as value drivers, to achieve new standards in terms of productivity and efficiency in production.

Highlighting the relevance of strategic IT planning whilst utilizing key digitization industry trends, Thomas Blöchl, COO at T.CON, will outline the next steps going forward for Perlen Packaging.

  • How Perlen Packaging managed to establish itself as a leading supplier in its field worldwide, despite facing versatile industry challenges
  • Relevance of a highly integrated production, enabled by a solid and scalable IT foundation
  • Smart Manufacturing: Maximizing productivity with data-driven integration across the whole value chain
  • Hands on examples and use-cases of how data and integration help Perlen Packaging achieve operational excellence
  • Business driven IT transformation, providing key industry and advanced technology capabilities
  • A look into the future: highly interconnected, more data, increased quality and heightened market agility

Kundenvortrag – Sandler AG

How Sandler and T.CON built an adaptive system, which provides agility to react quickly to dynamic market needs

How Sandler and T.CON built an adaptive system, which provides agility to react quickly to dynamic market needs


  • Karl Fuchs, Managing Director, T.CON GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dr. Ulrich Hornfeck, Member of Management Board, Sandler AG

The term Pivoting, companies quickly changing course to adapt to the market, is one of the latest buzzwords coming out of the Silicon Valley: Sandler however has been doing this long before the computer revolution. Adapting to market needs and dynamics by skillfully embracing new technologies is old news to Sandler AG. They are not only changing what they do, but also how they do it: Thanks to Sandler's holistic view on external parameters as well as internal processes, they have grown to master the strengths of innovative enterprise software. Despite being a well-established company, Sandler AG has been enabling growth through their ability to constantly adapt since they were founded in 1879. They have come far since their early roots with shredded waddings for the upholstery industry. Having reinvented themselves many times, they for example met the challenges of the pandemic by establishing a new production line early on in the COVID-19 outbreak to increase production of nonwoven filter media for face masks.

Having put a strong emphasis on a resilient IT foundation that is built on the principle of allowing agility, their line was the first of its kind to come on stream to establish German supply chains for medical protective masks.

Sandler AG achieved world market leadership through a resilient production which utilizes the ever newest technological possibilities. Their stable and heterogeneous IT landscape enables flexible adaptation to changing market needs. 

Find out in the customer presentation, how Sandler AG and T.CON developed a digitization strategy with one eye on the future, serving as a backbone to enable an optimistic future for Sandler.


How digitization looks in production: Integrating people, machines, processes and data to increase productivity


  • Stylianos Chiotellis, Business Lead IoT, T.CON GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bradley Robb, International Business Development, T.CON GmbH & Co. KG
  • Facing agile business requirements with highly integrated SAP-based applications
  • A journey through a workday in production – illustrated by operational challenges in a typical workday of a production manager
  • Benefiting from a modular and interlinked solution landscape
  • The ‘Business First’ way: building your IT architecture to support production
  • Finding true north in times of digitization and rapid change
  • Smart Manufacturing, the way to the golden batch

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Highlights der Konferenz 2018

Die lebendige Atmosphäre und die innovativen, kreativ denkenden Köpfe auf der Internationalen SAP-Konferenz für Forstprodukte, Papier und Verpackung 2018 haben uns nachhaltig begeistert.