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Staying on top of raw material and product stock levels is a necessity for any company that wants to maintain high production rates and keep a real-time overview of working capital. To facilitate these processes for our customers, we tied Warehouse management into our MES CAT.

Every new object in production, from raw materials to intermediate and finished products, is provided with a unique record in the system. Each object is assigned the intended interim storage warehouse in the correct production sequence, and an appropriate transport order is created for the warehouse management system.If the activation of a new production order results in material requirements, the corresponding retrieval orders are also generated for the warehouse system.  

MES CAT is the source for these transport and retrieval orders. The system automatically generates the order in the background triggered by an entry made by an employee. This way, users are spared from having to use warehouse management functions such as “Create transport order.”  

The close interaction between our MES and warehouse management also provides employees with the possibility of checking if production orders can be started on the basis of the current stock levels. Based on available inventory, employees can decide to put an order on hold when the lack of material would likely result in the order being interrupted at some point during the process.


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