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You are looking for ways to control costs without affecting quality and customer satisfaction? With MES CAT, up-to-date quality data values can be collected or transferred from external systems, such as laboratory systems, via interfaces. If production does not conform to the specified quality criteria, CAT can automatically quarantine the entire production run or individual rolls. This feature allows for an immediate response, meaning that systematic reworking or additional production can be used to still deliver the required quantities on time. Additionally, required production steps, such as re-reeling, are entered separately for the corresponding cost center, and any waste is recorded to the correct account.

→ Our approach ensures compliance to quality standards and cost accounting are followed correctly.

→ You can also benefit by being able to recognize trends, through the collection of quality data.

→ Problems can be identified early on, rather than after the fact. This way, you can avoid falling short on product.

→ Quality defects can also be accounted for in the following production steps, for example in trim optimization in TRIM SUITE.


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