CAT Maintenance

Reduce unscheduled downtimes and the associated costs through preventive maintenance.

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You don't have to accept unscheduled downtimes in your production as an unavoidable cost. You can easily optimize the maintenance of your production lines, machinery and devices with our MES CAT module CAT maintenance. Significantly minimize quality issues, waste and other sources of loss to remain competitive. Reducing all forms of inefficiency and reduce capital investment by maximizing the use of existing assets has never been so easy.



Linking production and quality data to maintenance task records makes it possible to obtain information regarding machine and tool downtimes and standard downtimes. Benefit from precisely tracking the usage of wear and tear parts, such as bearings, belts, pumps or felts on a paper machine.  The tracking allows the precise plaining of maintenance avoiding severe damage and unplanned downtime.Preventive maintenance can reduce unscheduled downtimes and the associated costs that result from lost output.MES CAT makes it possible to collect task-based maintenance data. In addition to entering maintenance personnel times, making an entry for the materials retrieved for the order is also possible. Moreover, external services can be assigned to cost objects. The combination of spare parts inventory management and consumption postings for maintenance orders offered by MES CAT provides a significant potential in cost reduction. With the transparency achieved in terms of the availability of spare parts in stock, current asset levels can be reduced, effecting a reduction in capital expenditures as well. MES CAT helps save valuable time by providing a mobile maintenance processing option in which inspection and maintenance orders are entered directly at the inspection or maintenance point. Maintenance points are identified with RFID. Entries are made automatically in the SAP system.

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