MES CAT Execution

ERP meets MES: Benefit from the interconnectedness of topfloor and shopfloor

Our Manufacturing Execution System MES CAT brings transparency to your entire production and provides you with a central view of all the data that arises.

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MES CAT brings transparency and a single point of truth to your production. Benefit from MES CAT's full integration into Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which ensures the accuracy and stability of your system.

Manual recipe and order management is still common practice in many factories. This is a challenge, since it's time consuming and also increases the likelihood for errors to be made. For production employees, MES CAT from T.CON replaces the shift and/or machine logbooks that previously had to be maintained by hand. CAT creates transparency in the production process and generates a single point of truth for production data.  



T.CON's Cross-Application Tool (CAT) goes beyond the requirements of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and fulfills all the expectations of a MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) system. MES CAT even fulfills all the MESA and ISA-95 requirements of a MOM solution. Developed based on SAP NetWeaver, CAT was designed according to the principles of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).  

Once embedded into your SAP system environment, CAT ensures complete traceability regarding all units used, including paper machines, gluing machines, re-reelers, spreaders, reel cutters, embossers, sheet cutters, guillotines, ream wrappers, converters, manual equipment, roll packing machines, format packing machines, etc., – for every single step going from the reel to your finished product.  

CAT Execution Key Benefits:

We designed our MES CAT for production staff. Therefore each individual can record data in a way that is comprehensible and reduced to his or her area of responsibility:

CAT Execution Features:

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