Industry specific functions

Industry specific functions

Industry specific functions

Industry solutions

Companies in different industries are facing the challenge of progressive diversification and processes that are increasingly more complex. Driven by specialization, industry specific processes are developed, which must also be mapped in IT. For this purpose, we offer a series of prefabricated solutions and functions for your industry/the following industries.

Paper, foil, metal, textile

  • Industry specific mapping of machines and systems, such as paper machines, roller cutters, coating systems, calenders, extruders, rollers, plane cutters, cross cutters, etc.
  • Focus on single piece management (rolls, stacks, reels, coils) with all appropriate characteristics. Packaging of individual pieces to bundles.
  • Individual traceability of all industry specific processes. Production, cutting, dividing, coating, calendering, gluing, stapling, etc.
  • Integrated scrap optimization to create optimal order combinations with the objective of maximum width utilization while at the same time minimizing the rejects, knife position and a knife quantity change. New trimming and therefore the current order fulfillment can be optimized continuously during the running production based on actual data. At the same time, rolls with error points can be considered during the quality trim.

Workshop/series production

  • Mapping of central/distributed feedback terminals for the simple order registration and deregistration
  • Easy event controlled acquisition of production times (production, setup, standstill) with simultaneous classification of nonproductive times
  • Generation of bundles for tracking and for the internal logistics
  • Detailed planning of orders for the optimal sequencing and workplace assignment including the planning of personnel
  • Control center for the visualization of the currently running production. Permits the fast identification of bottlenecks and exceptional situations

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