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CAT Quality

The SAP ERP system provides the option of assigning production orders to inspection lots. Each inspection lot has defined criteria that production must meet for each specific production run. With CAT, up-to-date quality data values can be collected or transferred from external systems (e.g., laboratory systems) via interfaces. If production does not conform to the specified quality criteria, CAT can automatically quarantine the entire production run or individual rolls. This feature allows for an immediate response, meaning that systematic rework or extra output can be used to still deliver required quantities on time. Additionally required work steps, such as re-reeling, are entered separately for the corresponding cost carrier, and any resulting waste postings can be recorded in terms of cost accounting.

This approach ensures that quality requirements and compliance with them through cost accounting are covered as well. In addition, the collection of quality data makes it possible to recognize trends. This makes it possible to prevent problems from sneaking in early on and to avoid the creation of shortfalls.


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