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CAT Connect

Machine connection

"Machine controller", "OPC" and "serial interface" are just a few of the keywords in the area of shop floor integration in MES CAT.A host of different end systems, like camera systems, automated packing systems and scales, for example, can be smoothly integrated with MES CAT.

Outbound integration

Event-controlled processes help you to implement outgoing data transmissions in a targeted way for production data acquisition.MES CAT offers you the possibility of integrating customer-specific expansions in the standardized process via customization.

Inbound integration

MES CAT can receive and process data from the shop floor or third-party systems. The way data should be handled further is determined here.It is possible to save data for analysis purposes or use it for booking.Mass data is collected and saved, particularly in the area of quality management. One example would be the representation of a roller carpet.The data can also serve as a basis for booking. Bookings can be made fully automatically in the background or partially automatically by pre-setting values in the interface.

Mapping engine

MES CAT contains a mapping engine. Inbound and outbound messages and content can be transferred over to the corresponding internal structures. Mapping is generated through customization and can be enhanced with dynamic field conversions or field assignments.

Interface monitor

The interface monitor provides you with the option of monitoring and logging the interfaces.All inbound and outbound messages, along with a date and time stamp, are recorded with a logging function and saved for subsequent display.The raw data is saved in XML format and displayed.MES CAT provides the option of utilizing alert management. Should a fault transmission occur, messages can be sent to various recipients.

ABAP framework

The ABAP framework provides the option of creating so-called native interfaces using a variety of technologies.A host of different transmission types can be used here. RFC (Remote Function Call) and IDoc (Intermediate Document) are the most well-known of these.Web service calls, file transfer and FTP interfaces are increasingly being used for communication with third-party systems.

JAVA framework

The JAVA framework adds additional transmission options to the ABAP framework.So-called sockets are used for communication on the shop floor with particularly frequency. Socket functions are available as standard in JAVA and can act either as a client or server.Just as frequently, communication occurs over serial interfaces. This method of transmission can also be implemented with our JAVA interface libraries. The possibilities of MES CAT Connect can be expanded using the following SAP products:    

  • PCo (Plant Connectivity)   
  • MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)   
  • PI (Process Integration)   
  • SAP Sybase ESP (SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor)

Machine controllers and measurement and control systems provide communication modules which enable data on the current production situation and machine status to be called up.

Further MES CAT Modules

CAT Execution

the heart of MES CAT

CAT Warehouse

warehouse management functions

CAT Maintenance

Maintenance with RFID

CAT Analytics

Analysis and Reporting

CAT Quality

quality assurance

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