MES Software

MES Software

MES CAT - A scalable MES based on SAP NetWeaver

The main benefit is provided by the best possible transparency and traceability for all production steps and products while providing complete data consistency up to the last corner of your system.

State of the art technology, integration, flexibility and future proof - there are many requirements for a newest generation  MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Especially the complete integration in the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) becomes increasingly more important. ERP and MES are more and more integrated; a clear boundary between the two systems becomes more and more difficult to define. There is a multitude of synergies. This means that typically redundant elements, such as inventory management, quality management or planning within MES are not required. Processes that expect data in real time from the MES system can be easily presented. MES was developed by addressing the above items. Many functions that are offered by SAP as services are available in MES CAT in form of user-friendly input templates that are consequently aligned to the user requirements. In addition, T.CON expands the SAP services by industry specific functions.

MES Software

MES CAT is integrated in SAP ERP

MES CAT is integrated on the basis of SAP NetWeaver and therefore it is without interfaces within SAP ERP. The acquired production data is directly available in all SAP modules such as sales, shipping, financial accounting, controlling, production planning, material management, etc. The analysis is provided through SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP BusinessObjects (B0). Machines and machine control systems are connected to MES CAT in a comfortable manner using standard tools and SAP solutions such as SAP MII.

MES CAT technologies

MES CAT is programmed based on the development tools of SAP NetWeaver and it is based on web technologies that can be used to also call up MES CAT through standard browsers on "Thin Clients". Therefore, SAP ERP represents the central integration and joint information platform for MES CAT. The result is an integrated MES with a front end that is consequently targeted to satisfy the user requirements. Therefore, MES CAT offers an optimal information management that is targeted for the area of responsibility of each employee, significantly simplifies data acquisition and provides the required information to the employee in such a way that it is understood.

MES CAT offers system stability

MES CAT can also be installed locally at your production locations and can buffer the off-line phases of the ERP system through clever data buffering until the ERP system is available again and the data is therefore automatically synchronized.

MES CAT is scalable

MES CAT is scalable and can be adapted to your individual system architecture. Therefore, it makes no difference whether you would like to connect only one ERP system and one MES or any number of ERP systems with any number of MES.

MES CAT adapts to your individual requirements

MES CAT is framework based and therefore provides a fast mapping of the individual customer requirements. MES CAT is programmed based on the possibilities provided by the SAP ERP development tools and the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Therefore, it is flexibly expandable and, based on its open programming, can be handled by the internal customer IT department. Based on its modular design, it guarantees a very simple and fast adaptation to changed processes and production steps.

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