Training for MES CAT

Training for MES CAT

MES CAT Training - Enabling all users to navigate our MES with ease

T.CON prepares all MES CAT users through application and individual trainings as well as web demonstrations.

To prepare the future users as best as possible for their work with MES CAT, we involve the key users already at the start of the project phase – initially on the demonstration system and later on your own system. This is a proven approach because the key users do not only deliver valuable input for the processes but they also grow with the system. Shortly before the go-live, we or the key users themselves perform the training for the end users.  

Together with the key users, we generate in advance a training schedule, documentation and other auxiliary materials to guarantee the training success and to provide something to the end user that helps the end user later in case of questions or problems.



Our training offerings include:

  • User trainings
  • Fundamentals trainings
  • Independent and role depending trainings
  • Web demonstrations

Key Benefits:

  • Exchange with other users
  • Small groups with a better learning success
  • Customized contents
  • Individual trainings
  • Direct help per web demonstration

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