MES design for production-related systems

MES design for production-related systems

Design for production-related systems

A well-functioning team: MES system, user and workplace

An MES system must always be designed in the context of different viewpoints. Factors such as the end users and their workspace specific requirements, the task field itself as well as the industry and company specific specialties must be considered. The most important components of the concept include:

User experience and usability

system for the employee in production. For example, the employee who wears gloves must not be forced to make inputs on the touch screen. State of the art control concepts rely more and more on voice control or Google Glass applications. The arrangement of the control elements and the display of information are dependent of the workplace and the task area of the employee. Therefore, the employee only sees the information and safety references relevant for her/him. Clear user guidance ensures increased safety during all inputs.

Language and technical lingo

The use of MES CAT with different languages is important for a production with employees of different nationalities as well as for installations at international locations. The change of terms on the input templates of MES CAT is very simple. Default values can be exchanged against the terms that are commonly used in your company, which means that your employees see the familiar technical lingo.

Alert functionalities and tests

In case of a failure, the employee must see at a glance that something is not right. Noticeable alert windows deliver detailed information and displays with strong signal effects support the employee in error cases. Plausibility and field tests prevent the posting of erroneous inputs or illegal values. The production employee can focus on its machine because MES CAT supports the employee at its best to enter the required information correctly.

The design phase is in advance of the introduction of the MES system and therefore guarantees a smooths transition as well as the best possible acceptance by the new users.

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