Integration SAP ERP / S/4HANA

Integration SAP ERP / S/4HANA

Implementation with SAP technologies

You can trust SAP standards

From the start, we have decided to develop MES CAT based on the SAP technology and to utilize as many as possible standard functionality of SAP SAE to offer our customers a solid and future proof MES system. MES CAT is integrated based on SAP NetWeaver, so there are no interfaces within SAP ERP. We focus on web technologies such as HTML 5, SAP UI5 and JavaScript for our front end. And, of course, it is built to make the most out of the newest technologies available in S/4HANA while maintain the best of previous versions (ex. SAP ERP ECC).

Our ABAP proficient customers can make changes themselves and utilize their own programming. Our source code is open and can be accessed by the customer. A new code can be easily integrated through so-called user exits. Existing template functions can be expanded for additional functional requirements.

A new template can be developed very quickly based on our MES CAT framework if none of our industry templates can be used. In these cases, we focus on the basic functions of the MES CAT framework. MES CAT is a certified product (powered by SAP NetWeaver) and of course 'ready for HANA'.

Why SAP as the technology partner?

  • SAP offers many standard functionalities such as development environments, transport management, blocking logics, monitoring, etc.
  • The SAP SE assumes the maintenance of the SAP standard functionalities.
  • SAP advances the development of the standard functions, adds new ones and provides integration capability.
  • As the largest European software developer*, SAP SE is a safe and reliable partner for the future.




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