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Smart Manufacturing for the paper industry with MES CAT

Easily achieve your business goals with our MES solution, tailored to the mill industry. MES CAT was developed by our team of experts with decades of knowledge in the paper industry.

Since 1999, our T.CON experts focus on optimizing processes for companies in the pulp and paper industry. Our MES CAT modules are based on our many years of expertise in the paper industry. With our bundled knowledge, gained there from a large number of projects, we facilitate the daily work in a factory in many ways. This ultimately leads to more efficiency in the production processes, increasing user satisfaction along the way.

Your standards are the standards of our software: Easily implement a successful MES with template features and best practices. Industry solutions such as our MES CAT for the paper industry, significantly reduce the effort required for a software implementation. With the MES CAT Suite, we provide predefined, yet customizable, interfaces for a large number of typical machines. These serve as the basis for the fast development of prototypes. Since the users are already involved in the design phase, they gain in depth understanding of the system. Let our established sound core processes for companies of the length- and area-oriented production convince you.



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Rolls - material, weight, paper length and width

We speak your language!

Terms such as tambour, reels, bobbins, packages, large format, sheets, stacks, reams etc. are not a foreign language for us. The industry standard terms are already integrated into our MES CAT but can easily be adapted to your company-specific terms.

Our Know-how: Smart Manufacturing for the mill industry

  • 1787 years accummulated experience: Our experts combine many years of SAP experience with excellent process knowledge in the reel and sheet industry
  • In-depth cross-module process knowledge: As the basis for an integrated solution with optimized interaction between MES and your SAP system landscape (e.g. PP, APO, PM)
  • Integrated processes: Complete coverage through cut optimization (TRIM SUITE) and machine learning (FactorE.OS) – Shopfloor Management
  • 180 satisfied customers worldwide: We sincerely care about giving our customers a competitive edge
  • 250 knowledgeable employees serving customers in every sector of the paper industry:
      • Decorative paper
      • Fine paper
      • Tissue
      • Cardboard
      • Graphic paper
      • Container board
      • ...



Key benefits:

  • Industry-specific mapping of machines and systems, such as paper machines, winders, coating systems, calendars, extruders, rolls, guillotines, cross cutters, etc.
  • Alignment to single piece management (rolls, stacks, reels, coils, bobbins,...) with all corresponding characteristic
  • Packaging of individual items into containers and pallets
  • Individual item tracking across all industry-specific processes
  • Integrated waste optimization to form optimum application combinations with the aim of maximum width utilization with simultaneous minimization of scrap, knife position and number of knife changes. It can be re-trimmed during ongoing production on the basis of actual data and thus the current order fulfillment can be continuously optimized. At the same time, rolls with defects can be taken into account in the quality trim.

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