MES CAT - the newest generation MES suite

MES and the digital transformation

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a major component of the digital transformation. It permits the production control and monitoring in real time. As a production control system or a production management system, it is used as the link between the company control level (ERP) and the operational level (production or shop floor). For example, the production manager identifies oncoming failures at the machine and can react before an outage and therefore before a deviation to the plan occurs. The sales department in turn receives a holistic view of customer orders or the production status of the products. Central performance indicators, such as quality or adherence to schedules, can be determined in real time. The degree to which information can be provided to the customer is significantly increased.

The core tasks of an MES include the machine and operating data acquisition, control center functions, detailed planning, quality data management, personnel assignment management or real time services such as energy data management.

The MES from T.CON provides state of the art technology, integration, flexibility and future proof. A scalable MES based on SAP NetWeaver. A newest generation MES, of course ready for HANA.

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