Built first for production with all the advantages of SAP

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a key component of any digital transformation. It is our philosophy that the tool must fit the user. Therefore, MES CAT has been designed from the ground up for the users in production. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to operate our MES solution. MES CAT is a production tool designed to make the most out of SAP functionality and not an IT tool that happens to be used for production. Many of the users don’t even know and are surprised to find out they are working fully within SAP. Production can concentrate on what they do best while ensuring no valuable data is lost.

MES CAT from T.CON utilizes state of the art technology with full integration to control and monitor production in real-time. T.CON’s MES CAT has the functionality and the flexibility to track how equipment is used and notify when it is due for maintenance. Saving valuable time and allowing our customers to make the most out of their production. The sales department in turn receives a holistic view of customer orders as well as the production status and availability of products.


MES CAT is not only ready for the current technology but built with the future in mind. It is a scalable MES based on SAP NetWeaver can run on any combination of OS and database for SAP NetWeaver, including HANA, which SAP allows. It is truly the newest generation MES.

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Management / Controlling

A MES delivers the foundation for well informed decisions that impact production. Integrated order confirmations and inventory posting provide transparency at the product and work station level. This allows for granularity in the calculation of production costs, allowing for the optimization of materials and providing the foundation to develop for various KPIs.


  • Well informed decisions
  • Transparency for products and work stations
  • Granular product cost calculation
  • Optimization of materials
  • KPIs for efficiency and productivity 



Production Manager

Transparency is of utmost importance for a Production Manager. The collection of production data is used to decode the status of production. You need to be in the position to compare and evaluate equipment a station based on their overall OEE. Manual or automated notifications provide an overview of production in real-time.


  • Transparency of the production steps
  • Compare individual work stations and machines A
  • nalyze production waste
  • Real-time overview using sensors 

Production Supervisor

As production supervisor, you are tasked with running your area as efficiently and smoothly as possible. MES CAT Provides the possibility to plan your orders and resources while keeping an eye on the current production. Production data is gathered immediately enabling a live progress update of production. Errors and deviations can be recognized and lifted early. Based off specified KPIs it is possible to analyze and evaluate performance over a specified time frame. This enables you to dive into problems causing production issues.


  • Optimal planning of orders and resources
  • Overview of current production
  • Real-time monitoring of deviations
  • Identification and elimination of errors
  • Various KPIs over definable time

Quality Control

You are responsible for the quality of the finished products and must guarantee compliance. MES CAT provides you with the tools for continuous quality control. Using an integrated production process event based quality test are triggered and product data is linked to quality data. That way quality can be analyzed and traced back to changes in production. The entire production process of a product can be followed back the entire production chain. For every step, it is clear when and where a change occurred and when a product loss happened.


  • Result based quality checks
  • Link production and quality data
  • Analyze deviations
  • Trace the entire production process
  • Investigate every production loss 


Easy to use and clearly structured terminals reduce the effort to capture relevant data and reduce hurdles to start using the system. Machine and person specific steps relating to an order, including all necessary details, are the basis for punctual and paperless production. Entries pertaining to orders are quickly and seamlessly absorbed into the system and are available in production reports and dashboards for the production manager and production supervisor. At the same time entries are carried over to SAP without any additional effort.


  • Employee friendly navigation
  • Timely processing
  • Paperless production
  • Easy entry in all relevant areas 



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