ERP Software

Preconfigured Solutions for Paper Manufacturers

This enterprise software is based on the latest SAP ERP release, and can be seamlessly integrated into your internal processes.

The key processes in your industry are already preconfigured in the T.CON All-in-One solution for paper manufacturers.

This industry solution, also referred to as an industry template, covers the business processes that are relevant to paper manufacturers, extending from procurement, production, sales and distribution, and shipment all the way to integrated accounting – and all with functions that have been modified in line with the needs of your industry. T.CON All-in-One for paper manufacturers uses reports that can be flexibly modified to provide you with a clear overview of your company at all times.

By building on the industry-specific preconfiguration for the paper manufacturing industry, our consultants can start software implementation activities at a very high project level from the get-go. As a result, the ERP system can be implemented and be used as a production system in record times. And all this at a fixed price with defined services that also include the implementation of the ERP solution on the basis of the T.CON All-in-One industry solution for paper manufacturers.

The T.CON All-in-One solution for paper manufacturers provides the following advantages:

  • Extremely Safe IT Investment
    You can keep all costs under control and depend on tried-and-true ERP functionalities. In addition, T.CON will be at your side as a reliable SAP business partner with an innovative product strategy.
  • Short Project Duration
    The preconfigured solution requires only minimal adjustments. You will train your staff from the very first day and ensure a smooth launch as part of a manageable project.
  • Transparency at the touch of a button
    Continuous integration flows and easy-to-use reporting functions create a comprehensive overview of current costs, revenues, resources, and customers – the basis for informed and quick decisions.
  • Flexible support for your market strategy
    This compact standard solution supports all key processes in your business while keeping up with your growth objectives – all thanks to its flexible adaptability and expandability.

Concept – preconfigured settings – add-ons

The industry template developed by T.CON builds on SAP AG’s standard software and consists of three primary elements: The underlying concept for the paper industry has proven to be of value time and time again, and is a common thread in all processes. The industry-specific preconfigured settings ensure a quick and efficient move into the prototyping phase right away. The processes and functions that have to be mapped in addition to the standard functionality are covered with T.CON add-ons. These add-ons, in turn, are designed in such a way that they can be implemented without modifications.

This enables the industry template to be used with the “SAP for Mill Products” industry solution or without the SAP extension.

Concept for the paper industry

The tracks for the future-proof mapping of business processes are laid down in the standard software during one of the early initial project phases. Concepts developed by T.CON are innovative, flexible, and future-proof. The solutions developed together with our clients come from real-life experience, are designed for real-life applications, and have been used multiple times as production systems already.

Inventory management concept example

The level at which information is managed, as well as the specific information being managed, is of crucial importance. T.CON proposes a three-level inventory management solution in this case.

The material masters defined at the most general levels are supplemented with fully configured batches. This results in minimized master data maintenance for materials, allowing for all required information to be stored in the batches at the same time. The creation of batches can be automated in such a manner that users can practically forget about dealing with creating and maintaining batches. Individual packages are managed in SAP ERP as handling units (HU), resulting in no performance losses even when considerably large amounts of data are being managed. This allows, among other things, for the integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) functionalities.

This basic design concept makes it possible to implement an endless variety of variations, meaning that it can prove extremely useful even if batches or handling units (e.g., individual package management) are eliminated. Furthermore, the design concept provides no obstacles for the complete configuration of materials.

MES (manufacturing execution software) integration example

The T.CON concept also allows for multiple alternatives for the use of manufacturing execution software. The template allows for the integration of an external MES or of the MES developed by T.CON on the basis of SAP NetWeaver.

A variety of standardized interfaces make it possible to integrate external systems into the ERP process.

CAT (Cross-Application Tool) is seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP processes without the use of interfaces. The SAP NetWeaver-based MES developed by T.CON has been consistently designed with the needs of the paper industry in mind.

Preconfigured settings

Basic processes are already preconfigured with the industry template, making it possible, on the basis of a prototype, to begin with the process definition phase almost right away. The corresponding blueprint contains everything that has already been discussed with the running system, and requires only minor adjustments. With the use of preconfigured settings, this approach allows for implementations that save time and resources. Users are included in the process early on and can get to know the system based on its look and feel.

Add-ons for the paper industry

The following add-ons are available if necessary:

  • High-performance inventory overview with individual packages
  • High-performance management of configuration data
  • User-friendly transactions for managing handling units
  • Budget planning and forecast planning (web-based planning also available)
  • Enhancements designed for user-friendly timber purchasing processing
  • Internet-based consignment stock processing
  • Packaging dialog for customer order entry purposes
  • Online availability test for external MES
  • Interfaces to external MES
  • SAP NetWeaver-based MES with web interface (CAT)
  • Storage location planning and optimization
  • Optimized warehousing operations and shipment handling
  • Mobile maintenance on the basis of SAP Mobile Asset Management with barcodes or RFID integration
  • SAP Mobile Infrastructure-based solutions for offline data collection and automatic synchronization


These add-ons can be used in new installations and in system expansions. Functions are imported into the SAP system without modifications and are available after a short implementation period.

Low risk

The solutions for the paper industry developed by T.CON have proven to be of value time and time again in production systems. This ensures that the risks of software migration can be minimized both in terms of implementation and later operation.

In addition to reduced implementation costs, the defined approach is also beneficial in terms of project durations. Companies not interested in spending valuable time in basic research will be on the right path with T.CON’s industry template, a solution consisting of tried-and-true processes.

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