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Maintenance Solutions

The increasingly demanding requirements involved in improving equipment availability and minimizing downtimes through maintenance require one thing in particular: comprehensive facility management capabilities.

T.CON’s SAP-PM-based solutions are a valuable aid in optimizing planning processes for plant maintenance and inspections and in simplifying data collection procedures.

SAP PM implementation

T.CON’s time-tested approach to the implementation of SAP-PM not only speeds up implementation processes, but also replaces any previously existing systems fully through the use of data migration procedures. During the process, a data analysis is used to modify existing data as necessary (by means of a highly automated process) and to migrate it to matching structures in the Plant Maintenance, Materials Management, Purchasing, and Controlling SAP modules so that it can finally be imported into the SAP system.

The complete integration of all maintenance aspects into the integral SAP ERP system solution means that the implementation process can be used to close any process and data gaps that might exist between company departments, allowing users to tap into previously idle potentials.


Solution benefits

  • Template with plan for the new introduction of maintenance processing and migration of old system for data transfer purposes
  • Quick implementation
  • Structuring concepts for technical systems – functional, three-dimensional, process-oriented
  • Quick and optimized planning of inspection and maintenance processes
  • Reduction of unscheduled downtimes, achieved by means of preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Simple and user-friendly message entry and order completion confirmations
  • Predictive inspection planning
  • Recurring lubrication schedule
  • Application adaptability in line with user-specific needs
  • Data quality optimization
  • Data can be collected directly on technical systems
  • Complete integration into MM, SD, CO, PP, QM SAP modules
  • Practical focus on total productive maintenance (TPM)

Extensions and add-ons

The modular design behind our individual features makes it possible to gradually expand standard SAP solutions with individual add-ons:



  • BOM generator
  • Automatic creation of BOMs on the basis of material consumption data
  • Lubrication schedules
  • Optimized planning of recurring lubrication tasks (incl. turn scheduling)

T.CON MES CAT Maintenance

  • Web-based application for optimizing data collection
  • Lubrication schedule confirmation
  • Material searches and withdrawal
  • Message capture
  • Order completion confirmation

T.CON Mobile Maintenance

  • Maintenance implemented with the help of mobile input devices and state-of-the-art RFID technology
  • Order completion confirmation
  • Message capture
  • Data logging
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