BIG DATA: Stop the chaos in your data landscapes with SAP Leonardo

Do you deal with BIG DATA? Then you have probably already noticed how diffuse the current data landscape can be.

Plattling, May 11, 2018

BIG DATA: Stop the chaos in your data landscapes with SAP Leonardo

Countless applications in all areas produce vast amounts of data on various platforms and databases. This leads directly into chaos and is simply beyond control.

The complexity of structures entails the risk of an increasing lack of transparency regarding data changes. Enriching data across systems is almost impossible, and sharing across multiple systems can only be done manually.

The “SAP Data Hub“ available as part of Leonardo can help here. The application helps ensure that business and IT come together again. No matter where the data come from: business applications, cloud apps, relational databases or Hadoop Data Lakes – SAP Data Hub gives you a consistent view of your data. Data sharing is drastically simplified by using existing connections and integration tools. New connections can be easily and flexibly set up.

Everything is prepared to easily create complex dashboards with the “SAP Analytics Cloud“ applications. A new era has begun here. Once the data sources are cleanly prepared, the dashboard can be designed by the employees from different departments themselves. The same applies to entire storyboards with updated data in real time. Programming is not necessary: it is enough to know which data the analysis should combine. The specialists in the different departments have this knowledge.

Conclusion: Topics like IoT and artificial intelligence will produce substantial amounts of data that cannot be controlled with conventional tools. With the SAP Data Hub in combination with SAP Analytics Cloud you can turn data chaos into context.Easily create the basis for complete data transparency and implement completely new application scenarios in your company.

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Norbert Kytka, Headquarters Plattling