MES CAT – The latest generation of MES Suite

A scalable MES based on SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP, SAP MII and SAP Business Objects solutions.

Creation of transparency and traceability in all production steps and products by complete (constancy of data/interconnectedness) throughout all aspects of your ERP system.

Modern technology, integration, flexibility and guaranteed future – are all features of the latest MES generation. We call it “Cross Application Tool” or simply CAT. The expectations on the latest MES (Manufacturing Execution System) generation are multifarious.

Particularly the integration of functions of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is gaining more and more importance. ERPs and MESs overlap more and more with new developments, and clearly defining the borders between both is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, many of the functions required in a MES (e.g., inventory management, quality management, etc.) are already available in most ERP systems. Based on this fact, CAT has been developed. Many functions, which are offered through SAP services, are integrated in a user-friendly entry mask of CAT which is consequently designed for all user requirements. In addition T.CON amended the SAP-services with industry-sector-specific functions.

MES CAT is integrated in SAP ERP

CAT is programmed based on SAP NetWeaver , and is therefore integrated into SAP ERP in an interface-free manner. The documented production data are immediately available in all SAP modules like sales, shipping, financial accounting, controlling, production planning, material management etc. With SAP BW and SAP Business Objects, which is the SAP solution for reporting and analysis, these data can be directly evaluated. CAT also offers integration because it can be connected to machine and machine controls with standard tools and SAP solutions like SAP MII.

MES CAT technologies

MES CAT is programmed on the base of development tools by SAP NetWeaver as a web-technology, which allows you to use MES CAT with a standard browser on “thin clients”. SAP ERP provides the central integration and collective information platform for CAT. The result is a MES that is integrated into SAP ERP in an interface-free manner and that features a front end that is consistently designed according to user requirements. CAT offers an optimal information management, which is specifically customized for every employee and his or her sphere of responsibility. The data acquisition and information is also simplified to make it understandable and useful for the employee.

MES CAT offers fail safety

MES CAT can also be installed locally at your production location; offline phases of the ERP system will be buffered until connection is fully available and the synchronization can be automatically performed.

MES CAT is scalable

MES CAT is scalable adaptable to your individual system architecture. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have just one ERP-system and one MES or if you would like to link many ERP-systems with many MES.

MES CAT adjusts to your individual requirements

MES CAT is framework based and is therefore quickly adaptable to individual customer requirements. MES CAT is programmed on the SAP ERP development tools and on possibilities given by SOA (service oriented architecture). Therefore it is flexibly expandable and with its open programming easy to use for the customer IT.With its modular setup it guarantees for easy and quick adaption to changed processes and production activities.

MES CAT Modules

CAT Execution

the heart of MES CAT

CAT Connect

connection to Machine controllers and I&C systems

CAT Warehouse

warehouse management functions

CAT Maintenance

Maintenance with RFID

CAT Analytics

Analysis and Reporting

CAT Quality

quality assurance

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